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Name:Project Oasis Network
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Your character wakes up on a drop ship that has crash-landed on an unfamiliar planet (or is it?) that seems to be nothing but a large desert. Fortunately, you seem to have landed just outside of a very nice oasis. Mind the hike to the city protected in the centre of a thick, tropical forest and take a load off in this nice little vacation spot... You've had worse, right? It totally beats the Motel 6 back home. Or does it? The city seems to be a bit of a fixer-upper. Not sure a coat of paint will solve this one. A thick, though slightly crumbling, wall surrounds the ruins of what used to be a city, but who would want to keep the lovely forest out? Maybe you should find someone and ask them. Just "do not shake their hands, embrace them, and never, ever, initiate oral contact of any kind."

Project Oasis is a pan-fandom survival horror game with elements of The Maze Runner, The 100, Borderlands, and The Walking Dead. Rated 18+ for dark themes, light gore, and violence. The main storyline is player-driven and will progress via exploration and Mod posts.

Your character will find refuge in the ruins of the city, finding clues as to why they've been brought there and what happened to the population before they arrived. You're free to explore the thick forest of the oasis itself, and the city but any attempts your character makes to try to traverse the desert surrounding the oasis will result in failure. As far as they walk, run, or fly, (slither, roll, or any other means of movement) they will find only desert and by the apex of the day, they'll die of exposure. Something about the Oasis is shielding them from the harmful exposure of a deadly sun.

The game is about survival and unearthing the mystery of the planet and the people that brought them there. Expect it to expand to another location in time, giving the player a choice. Will they be able to figure out how to gain control of the means that brought them here to send them all back home or will they be trapped on a foreign version of Earth for the rest of their lives?

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